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PayPal Pay Upon Invoice

Project Overview

Pay Upon Invoice is a key to the success of PayPal PLUS. Paying by invoice is favourite payment method in Germany. It allows a customer to purchase goods online and pay after delivery once they are happy with the item. The customer benefit is clear. But for a merchant the risks are large and many small merchants simply haven’t been able to offer their customers invoice.

PayPal’s Pay Upon Invoice removes this risk by acting as the middle man in the payment, PayPal pay the merchant immediately and the customer pays PayPal.

So far we have worked on the checkout experience, balancing simplicity and security.

I led the design of the product and collaborated heavily with multi-disciplinary teams through out the product life cycle. Ideation, low fidelity sketches, wireframes, prototype and visual deign.

Pay Upon Invoice

Project Deliverables

Pay Upon Invoice

Full visual design files.

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Initial sketches

During the early phases of the design the concept was still fluctuating a lot. To facilitate discussions and deliver quickly I began by simply drawing out the designs.

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User flows

Mapping out the end to end experience of paying using PUI with PayPal.

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